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Mitie's entrepreneurial roots and wide skill-base means that our volunteers offer fantastic support to our chosen Social Enterprise partners. People with barriers to employment often find volunteering or working for a not-for-profit Social Enterprise is a useful first step toward paid employment. Mitie people support with their time, their expertise, their wide contact list, supply chain and client support.

Donate and help!

The Foundation is always happy to receive money raised in fundraising activity. Money raised by Mitie colleagues can be earmarked for a specific cause. As long as it supports our aims of improving employment chances for disadvantaged people, we can target your funds to benefit people close to your heart.

Come and explore the Foundations first social enterprise project with HMP Sudbury. Opening in 2017 the Foundation with help from Mitie businessess have been helping the prison to build a garden centre and coffee shop with the aim of providing training to inmates before they are released.

The Mitie Foundation is always happy to support new social enterprise ideas, so if you and your client have a particular social enterprise that matches the Foundation's ambition to support people of all backgrounds to improve their employment chances then please get in touch.

Opening in 2017, the multifaceted centre will enable young people in Huddersfield to learn valuable employability skills and gain qualifications and training. GDPA hopes to steer young people away from a path of re-offending and turn them into positive contributors to the community