Mitie's entrepreneurial roots and wide skill-base means that our volunteers offer fantastic support to our chosen Social Enterprise partners. People with barriers to employment often find volunteering or working for a not-for-profit Social Enterprise is a useful first step toward paid employment. Mitie people support with their time, their expertise, their wide contact list, supply chain and client support.

The Mitie Foundation, along with Mitie volunteers and our supply chain have supported HMP Sudbury to create a Garden Centre complete with Cafe and Training room. The social enterprise opened in November 2017 and provides valuable training to inmates as they approach release.


We are exploring possibilities to build an 'FM Academy' in the grounds of a school for young people with special educational needs and similar projects around the UK. We are always happy to consider new social enterprise ideas, so if you and your client have a particular social enterprise that matches the Foundation's ambition to support people of all backgrounds to improve their employment chances then please get in touch.

GDPA is a small social enterprise we supported in Huddersfield, who's aim is to steer young people towards making a positive contribution to the community. With support from the Mitie Foundation, Mitie colleagues and our supply chain, GDPA opened a Cafe and Microsoft training room in September 2017, and are creating a music studio in the basement which will open early in 2018.


The Foundation is always happy to receive support, whether that is your time, expertise or via fundraising activity. Any money raised by can be earmarked to support a particular project or group of people with barriers to employment.