Philip's story

Philip was part of the Birmingham 2016 Ready2Work cohort and was referred onto the programme via Remploy. Philip work experience was on the Volvo contract in Warwick with the post room team and he made such an impression throughout his time there that the HR director for Volvo requested that he was kept on as an employee. Philip has been working on the Volvo contract for the last 9 months.

Meet Philip

"Prior to joining the R2W programme, I had been unemployed for 9 months following redundancy. I had also suffered with my health, which had caused me to be out of work for longer than I hoped. This had really knocked my confidence and gaining employment was becoming increasingly difficult".

What did you gain from the Ready2Work programme?

"Interacting with people is something I have always struggled with. This placement gave me the opportunity to interact with a whole host of people, from the receptionists to HR Director's! This is still something I am learning to do, but I am far more confident and I’m able to build a good rapport with most in the office.

I also was lucky enough to gain employment following my placement. I now work 3 days a week within the Post Room and really enjoy my job".

Looking ahead

"Continue to learn and develop my career at Volvo and take every day as it comes".