Nelson's story

Nelson took part in the first ever Manchester Ready2Work programme back in 2014. Nelson worked with the finance department in MTFM and we are pleased to say that he still works there now.

Meet Nelson

"I had recently completed my degree in financing and was at a loss to find a company that would give me the opportunity to put my education into practice and I was quickly losing confidence before starting the R2W programme"

What did you gain from the experience?

"The pre-placement week provided me with valuable information to prepare me for the actual placement and generally it gave me the tools and information I need to stay ahead in today’s competitive labour market. I had the chance to push myself beyond the boundaries I am comfortable with.

I have to say everyday was different! Some days I was doing timesheets, other days I was working on contracts, investigating invoices or doing P-cards. This variation helped a lot because it enabled me to understand, appreciate and adapt to the demand of a busy office environment"