Aziza's story

Meet Aziza

"Ambitious, confident, strong, enthusiastic, passionate about life and possessing a great sense of humour (according to many); That was me since a very young age, I never thought this would vanish someday. Life can be very hard sometimes and very disappointing, especially when it’s coming from that special one..

I tried to move forward with my life which wasn’t easy, it took me a while to wake up from the “coma “of depression and anxiety I was living"

What did you gain from the experience?

"I was placed with client services as a Receptionist, dealing with customers, visitors, staff and tenants. I had over 7 years experience in customer services so this felt like a ”welcome back home” sort of feeling. I started learning new skills in telephone operating, dealing with a host of different clientele, along with spending quality time with the security team and having a general idea of their daily tasks. I enjoyed every second of the placement. I enjoyed having a routine of waking up early in the morning,watching the sunrise while enjoying the commute in the early hours. I worked with a lovely team, meet new people and made good friends. I had my life purpose back again and I started looking at my life with a hopeful positive vision"

Looking ahead

....When Mighty “Mitie” came along.

Words would never be enough to describe how grateful I am. I joined this program in order to get my confidence back and to help me get employment as result. Thanks to Mitie and the Mitie foundation not only have I found employment but I’ve got my whole life back, my lost self esteem, my strength, my smile and my passion for life back. I feel unstoppable; catch me if you can :-)

If you are dedicated and willing to improve your life and skills, if you want to get back into work and are looking for guidance and the right path to take in order to achieve your goals, then you are in the right place with the right people for a better and more confident  YOU "