Emmanuel's story

Emmanuel participated in the London January 2017 cycle. He successfully completed the programme on one of our client sites. Emmanuel went on to secure a job with Mitie as an operational manager.

Meet Emmanuel

"I was unemployed and looking for a new challenge. I didn't just want to go back to doing same old same old I wanted to take my career in a different direction. I have always done purely administrative roles and wanted to do something that utilised that skills, while presenting new challenges"

What did you gain from the experience?

"It really helped my customer services skills, made me more proactive and changed my mindset. It was a very reactive environment - you never knew where the issues were going to come from. I got to meet very unique people with a wealth of knowledge. I enjoyed doing things that I wouldn't normally do such as shadowing floor managers, having direct contact with clients, building relationships and making a difference. I got a chance to apply for a floor manager role, an opportunity that I would never have had if I wasn't here".

Looking ahead

"To put my new found confidence and positive approach to life in action to get myself a job, not just any job, but one I can be proud of".