Mitie Skills Centres

Mitie has six skills centres which are hosted at secondary schools and academies around the UK. Mitie's skills centres can be found in Airdrie, Bristol, Birmingham, London, Sunderland and Wigan.

They were opened between 2001 and 2007 and continue to provide invaluable opportunities for 14 – 16 year old pupils. The primary goal of the skills centres is to give students the opportunity to undertake a formal construction and built environment certificate or diploma.

Each year between 200 – 300 14-16 year olds, plus hundreds of younger pupils, enjoy a blended learning approach and gain valuable practical experience at our skills centres. These are the trade operatives of tomorrow – and the technicians, supervisors, managers and directors of the future.

Volunteers are very welcome to support the skills centres by offering to do mock interviews, careers talks or demonstrations with the students.