Environment World of Work Challenge Days

We ran 34 environment-themed World of Work events - or "eco-assemblies" - at schools around the UK in the financial year ending 31 March 2017. These events are run to promote a better understanding of climate change issues and renewable energy options. The events encourage pupils to consider a more sustainable lifestyle – and also consider a potential energy-related career in their future.

This programme has been devised and enthusiastically led by Ken Heaton, Mitie’s Sustainability & Community Engagement Manager. Ken adapts his approach and delivery to suit the age of the pupils and for the youngest audiences he performs entertaining sketches with his two puppets called ‘Climate’ and ‘Change’.

At secondary schools and academies, Ken’s World of Work day also involves the students making model wind turbines with revolving blades, made from recycled cardboard and plastic. The model turbines are tested with varying degrees of success against a desk fan. The competitive element encourages students to repeatedly refine the design and construction of their model turbines and enable them to record the increasing energy outputs measured by an ammeter.

Feedback from students

‘I really enjoyed working as a team to build something.’  – Lauren C

 ‘I want to do more, I think we worked well together.’  – Charlotte

‘It was a lot of fun, I would love to do it again.’ – Cara L

‘Today was the best thing I have ever done at school.’ – Kira C