Our volunteering opportunities

A quarterly volunteering schedule is produced by the Mitie Foundation that provides lots of opportunities around the UK. If you work for Mitie you can access these via MiLife or alternatively you can use the form below to enquire about the opportunities. Read through the types of volunteering activities we have below! If you wish to arrange your own volunteering activity, please do let us know so we can support your event too.


Volunteering in schools, academies and colleges.

The majority of volunteering opportunities arranged by the Mitie Foundation are events to help pupils in schools, academies and colleges to improve their employability skills and give them a better understanding of the world of work.Teachers tell us that having contact with business-related role models during their school years will enhance a young person’s studies and career aspirations’

Volunteering requires little preparation and volunteers find it hugely rewarding to help prepare the future workforce.

To give you a sense of what we do have a look below!

  • Stock Market Challenge days that help pupils develop their commercial awareness;
  • Careers Fairs to help students appreciate the breadth of employment opportunities available to them;
  • Head to Head mock interview sessions to improve interview technique;
  • Getting Ahead sessions to enhance employability skills;
  • Eco-Assemblies that promote renewable energy options;
  • World of Work days to develop team-working and communication skills; and
  • Dragons’ den style events to help post 16 students practice their presentation skills and broaden their employability prospects.

Volunteering in prisons and with ex-offenders

If you would like to help soon-to-be-released prisoners improve their employability skills and employment prospects (a key factor in reducing re-offending) then join us by volunteering as a 'business partner' at a Business Challenge Day / Employer Engagement Day.  

No particular skills or experience is necessary and no preparation is required because a full briefing is given for these enjoyable, challenging 'dragons den' style events.

The Foundation has successfully run employer engagement days inside 14 prisons, resulting in guaranteed job interviews for all candidates who completed the day. Over 350 men and women with convictions participated in these events and have been introduced to 168 potential hiring managers.

These Business Challenge Days have attracted favourable reactions from all attendees, and challenged unconscious bias. The former Prisons Minister, Andrew Selous MP, attended an event at HMP Durham and commented; “Business Challenge Days are exactly the kind of scheme we need to show employers just how valuable ex-offenders can be”


Volunteering with people with disabilities

Apart from offering to support the many charities that exist to support people with disabilities you can also volunteer at Mitie Foundation arranged Employer Engagement Day events. These follow a similar agenda to those that we run inside prisons and are designed to help people with disabilities improve their employability skills, confidence and work potential.

They are very humbling and rewarding experiences that make a significant impact on the candidates and enable them to meet people from businesses that they would otherwise not have the opportunity to have.

Our disability confident employer engagement day's are supported by our disability-confident specialist partners Remploy, Ingeus, APM and Tower Project. We are confident that with your support the days can prove to be a valuable route to employment for people with disabilities from all backgrounds.

Don't wait; volunteer today!

Don't see anything in your area? If you think there is a worthy cause that aligns with our vision, which would benefit from our support please get in touch and we will see if we can help. Please contact foundation@mitie.com 

If you dont see anything that takes your fancy then we also encourage people to sign up to the Inspiring the future website, which allows individuals to post their credentials and skills online and then schools contact you directly to see if you would attend one of their events,