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About us

We have a vision to improve employment chances for people of all backgrounds and increase social mobility. Our intention is to work with people with barriers to employment. In order to do this well, we harness the skills and expertise of our workforce, our clients and our supply chain to support people of all backgrounds to increase their chances of employment and social mobility. Our community-based activity falls into three areas of focus: Employability, Education and Enterprise.

Donate and support!

The Foundation is always happy to receive support, whether that is your time, expertise or money raised in fundraising activity. Money raised by Mitie colleagues can be earmarked for a specific cause. As long as it supports our aims of improving employability for disadvantaged people, we can target your funds to benefit people close to your heart.

Highlights from 2016

167 events at over 127 different schools & academies


Business Challenge Day's run in prisons throughout the UK


People with barriers to employment into work, via 5 R2W cycles


Students supported


People approaching release from prison introduced to local employers


Volunteering days


Between April 2016 and March 2017 the Foundation coordinated over 1,000 volunteering days in schools, academies, colleges and universities. Our volunteers have engaged with over 18,000 student. The diverse range of activities we offer enable the students to interact with positive role models from business and gain the skills and knowledge to help them raise their aspirations and broaden their career choices.

We enjoy close working relationships with many education establishments especially those that host our Mitie Skills Centres. We collaborate with and support numerous education business partnership and career organisations across the UK. 


Mitie's strong entrepreneurial culture means our volunteers support new entrepreneurs reach their full potential, by acting as mentor, advisor, customer or partner. Mitie volunteers support social enterprise start-ups in the communities we operate in, including helping to form new partnerships between local authorities, local charities, our clients and supply chain, to create sustainable new enterprises. 


The Ready2Work (R2W) programme has supported unemployed individuals to gain work experience either with a Mitie business, with one of our clients or with a partner organisation with the ultimate goal of helping them secure employment.

We have focussed in recent years on candidates who perceive themselves as being furthest from the job market and need a confidence  boost to secure work. The purpose of the programme is to stretch, challenge and inspire the candidates so they get the most out of their seven-week work experience.

The Mitie Foundation team

Alexia Tsalkitzoglou
Alexia Tsalkitzoglou

Employability Projects Manager

Lexi has been working for the Mitie Foundation since May 2015 having previously worked in Welfare2Work and sales roles, including recruitment. Along with supporting candidates from a range of backgrounds, she has a vested interest in the work Mitie is doing with the Armed Forces Covenant. 

James Kidby
James Kidby

Employment Manager

James joined Mitie as Operations Manager on the Lloyds Account in May 2015, before going on to join the Mitie Foundation.  He brings with him over 12 years’ experience of supporting people to overcome substantial barriers.  Acquired from previous employment with the HMP Prison Service, Welfare2work sector and a homeless hostel.

Paddy Stanley
Paddy Stanley

Head of the Mitie Foundation

Having worked in engineering for 27 years, Paddy joined Mitie in 2005 as National Contract Manager. During the next ten years he helped to win, mobilise and run major contracts.Throughout his time at Mitie he has volunteered in schools to inspire young people to widen their career choices, which he found very rewarding, so becoming the Head of the Mitie Foundation in 2016 was a natural progression. 

Since then the Mitie Foundation has had a clear focus to support people with barriers to employment to reach their true potential.


Stephen Barthorpe
Stephen Barthorpe

Head of Community Engagement

Stephen joined Mitie 12 years ago as Corporate Responsibility Manager and in 2013 Stephen joined the Mitie Foundation as Head of Community Engagement, focusing on co-ordinating the employee volunteering programme and maintaining links with the many schools, academies, colleges and prisons that the Foundation supports.


Our employment business partners

The Mitie Foundation is an independent charity, limited by guarantee and incorporated in England and Wales. The Directors, for the purpose of company law, are also trustees for the purpose of charity law. The Foundation was incorporated on 15 June 2012, registered as a charity on 6 September 2012 and began its activities on 1 April 2013. Company registration number: 08107587  Charity registration number: 1148858