About us

We have a vision to improve employment chances for people with barriers to employment. Our focus is on Employment, Education and Enterprise, and we harness the skills and expertise of our workforce, our clients and our supply chain to support people of all backgrounds towards improved career chances.


528 events

in over 380 different schools


Business Challenge Day's run in prisons throughout the UK


People with barriers to employment gained work, via the R2W Programme


Students supported


People approaching release from prison introduced to local employers


Volunteering days


The Foundation is always happy to receive support, whether that is your time, expertise or via fundraising activity. Any money raised by can be earmarked to support a particular project or group of people with barriers to employment.

The Mitie Foundation is an independent charity, limited by guarantee and incorporated in England and Wales. The Directors, for the purpose of company law, are also trustees for the purpose of charity law. The Foundation was incorporated on 15 June 2012, registered as a charity on 6 September 2012 and began its activities on 1 April 2013. Company registration number: 08107587  Charity registration number: 1148858