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Mitie Foundation

The Mitie Foundation is an independent charity, with a vision to improve employment chances for people of all backgrounds and increase social mobility. Our intention is to work with people with barriers to employment, so the Foundation utilises our workforce, clients’ and supply chains' skills and expertise, to support people of all backgrounds to increase their chances of employment and social mobility. Our community-based activity falls into three areas of focus: Employment, Volunteering and Enterprise.

Donate and support!

The Foundation is always happy to receive support, whether that is your time, expertise or money raised in fundraising activity. Money raised by Mitie colleagues can be earmarked for a specific cause. As long as it supports our aims of improving employment chances for disadvantaged people, we can target your funds to benefit people close to your heart.

You can support our award-winning Ready2Work programmes by providing a work experience placement, mentoring a candidate or supporting a pre-placement week. Click the link above to find out more.

Volunteering your time is a rewarding way to support us. We have hundreds of volunteering opportunities in schools, academies, colleges, prisons and in local communities. There is generally no preparation required and the candidates you support really appreciate your time. Click the link above for further information.

Support our social enterprises by providing your time, expertise or via supply chain support. Click the link above for more information.